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The Leaving Of Liverpool, The Irish & The Beatles (#746)
Episode 461st December 2022 • The Letter from Ireland Podcast • Mike Collins
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This week we look at one of the most Irish of cities outside Ireland - the city of Liverpool on the western shores of Britain. It's a place that has seen over a million Irish pass through its port to stay in England, Wales and Scotland or to head to places further afield such as the USA, Canada, Australia and other locations.

We chat about just some of the Irish families who decided to stay in Liverpool - and their very famous descendants, four lads who formed a band called The Beatles.

We then look at just one Liverpool dock gate through which over a million Irish passed as they made their way off the steamships from Dublin and how that place has fallen off the radar. Maybe it's time to draw attention to it once again?

Lots of music along the way to enjoy!