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Balancing Light and Dark with Sandra Bargman
Episode 472nd March 2023 • The Abundance Journey: Accelerating Revenue With An Abundance Mindset • Elaine Starling
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Episode Summary:

Have you ever noticed that absolutely nothing happens until you're inspired to take action?  Sandra Bargman is an expert at balancing the light and the dark in life to create a symphony of possibility.  Possibility reveals opportunities that inspire clarity, confidence and empower us to commit to action.  We discuss how The Edge of Every Day can inspire us to live our best lives.

About the Guest:

Actor/singer, author, seminary trained and ordained inter-spiritual minister and host of the weekly podcast, The Edge of Everyday on TalkRadio.NYC, based on her hit solo stage show of the same name. Sandra has had a 35+ year career as a professional (AEASAG/AFTRA) actor, singer, and voice artist, performing on stages around the world, including Broadway Nationals and Off Broadway. She is a contributing author to the #1 bestselling book, On the Shoulders of Mighty Women. She trained with Al Gore in 2017 to become a Climate Reality Leader. She founded Sacred Stages, LLC in 2014 with the mission to support seekers on their journey of self-discovery, connection to the Infinite Source and what it means to walk the edge of being both human and spirit. She is an Edgewalker Facilitator.

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About the Host, Elaine Starling:

An international TEDx speaker, bestselling author, coach and mentor, Elaine

Starling is recognized for her video show and podcast, The Abundance Journey.

After a comprehensive conversation with our higher power during a stroke, Elaine

created The Abundance Journey 6 week course to share what she learned. As the

Abundance Ambassador, Elaine mentors spiritual, growth-oriented women to align

with Divine guidance to achieve their dreams. Elaine’s clients experience more

clarity, confidence, and commit to action that achieves their goals.

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TEDx Talk, “Abundance Is a Choice”


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