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How to Maintain the Balance Between System-Relevent vs Human-Centricity as an Entrepreneur with Michaell Magrutsche #219
Episode 2191st December 2023 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Michaell is the Creativity-Awareness Educator at He holds the role of Wisdom Art Awareness Coach & hosts his own podcast show called The Smart of Art Podcast. 

Michaell showcases a unique blend of talents and expertise and advocates for unlocking individual potential. His transformative journey from feeling like an outcast to embracing humanity defines his commitment. With six books, including "The Smart of Art," he will be sharing keys to a 60% more fulfilled life, navigating complexities with a balanced human-centric and system-relevant perspective.

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:15 - Michael's Life & Journey
  • 09:44 - Finding Balance Between Employment and Friendship
  • 13:33 - Unleashing Self-Awareness Through Artistic Creation
  • 19:00 - Getting Inspiration to Overcome Creative Blocks
  • 22:26 - Understanding the 'Never Enough' Stress Paradox
  • 28:41 - Motivation and Passion
  • 35:01 - Finding the Human-Centric Brand
  • 43:57 - Defining Human Value in Systems
  • 51:23 - Michaell's Piece Of Advice For His Younger Self
  • 52:08 - What Does Success Mean for Michaell Today
  • 53:17 - Get in Touch with Michaell

Get in Touch with Michaell

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Are You Living a SYSTEM-RELEVANT or HUMAN-CENTRIC LIFE and Which is Dominant? When you can answer these questions it will spark enough awareness to make your life AT LEAST 50% EASIER. It’s just the awareness that trumps all. What is living a HUMAN-CENTRIC versus SYSTEM-RELEVANT LIFE?

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