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Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud - Elisa Kurylowicz EPISODE 66, 4th December 2019
Changing the Story with Lana Dingwall
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Changing the Story with Lana Dingwall

Today’s episode is about our struggles dealing with overwhelming aspects in our relationship to ourselves, our families, business and money 

We are covering all the bases with my fabulous guest Lana Dingwall. Lana is a business coach, leadership coach, and podcast host of the show “Changing the Story”. She is an international #1 best selling author with her book “Women Who Influence”. She is an entrepreneur, a beautiful public speaker, and I am honoured to also call her my friend.  

Lana’s story of personal growth has inspired me many times since we’ve met. She is a master of kicking me out of my head and challenges me to “change the story of unworthiness“ that I replay over and over in my mind when it comes to business and thriving as an entrepreneur.  

She is a brilliant influencer and I‘m excited to bring her to you to share some of her bright light and knowledge.

Want to know more about Lana? Check out her website HERE and follow her on Instagram HERE.

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