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Social Post - MeetEdgar 20th August 2019
5 Easy Ways to Upcycle Your Content
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5 Easy Ways to Upcycle Your Content

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If you’ve ever been on Pinterest or watched HGTV, you’ve probably heard of “upcycling.” You take an old dresser and stain it and repaint it and you’ve upcycled it! Upcycling is simply the process of taking something old and creating something new or equally more valuable than what it was before.

And it’s not just for clothes and DIY projects! You can upcycle your content too. Upcycling content is transforming a piece of content for the purpose of adding value and bringing that back into circulation. And, if you’re not doing this already, you really should be because upcycling your content is the smarter way to stay consistent with content, grow your audience and extend your reach.

Are you seeing these 5 benefits of content curation?

Why should you upcycle your content?

Most people suggest upcycling your content because it’s a time-saver and it is! You’ve already spent the time and energy to brainstorm ideas, research content, map it out and put it together so you can skip that part of the process altogether with upcycled content! But there are more benefits than time.

You save yourself from what we call the “content creation treadmill.” The content creation treadmill is when you are hustling to create so much content that you feel like all you’re doing is creating and pushing it out and then creating more content. When you get stuck in this cycle, it’s hard to tell what’s actually working for you and it’s a one-way ticket to burn out.

Content upcycling gets you off of that content creation treadmill and gets your content working harder for you.

While getting off that content creation treadmill is less exhausting, the biggest and most beneficial reason to upcycling content comes down to gambling

No, we’re not talking about playing poker or hanging out at a racetrack. We’re talking about betting on your content. Not every piece of content you create is going to be a best-performer and that’s ok. We can’t all create winners every single time.

But you should want to make the most of the winning pieces of content that you do have. That’s the power of content upcycling.

And when you do upcycle that winning piece of content, you can see even more benefits, such as:

You’ll have time to create the best content ever

You have extended reach. People consume content in different ways and upcycled content reaches more audiences who may consume content in a way that’s different from that original core piece of content

Promotes visibility. You can say the same thing but in different ways. You respect your audience’s learning style.

What should you upcycle?

One of the great things about content upcycling is all you need is one really great piece of content. Take a piece of “core” content and then upcycle it from there.

It can be a blog post, or a podcast episode, an ebook or even a speech you gave at a local networking event. The format of the content doesn’t matter but the content does.

There are certain types of content that are best for upcycling.


Evergreen content is content that is still relevant and valuable, long after it’s been published. In other words, it’s not based on timely trends or news.


A series of content that is based around a specific topic can easily be transformed into an upcycled piece of content.


What content shares your thought leadership or your unique way of working? If you have a piece of content that shows off your personal secret sauce to success, it’s perfect to upcycle.

The key to upcycling content is to avoid...