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314 Timothy Kimo Brien - Uncovering the Therapeutic & Healing Benefits of Podcasting & Art Therapy
18th April 2023 • Podcast Junkies • Harry Duran
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Episode Summary

In this episode, Timothy Kimo Brien and Harry discuss the intersection of podcasting and art therapy, and how the two can be used as powerful tools for healing and connection. Tim shares his personal experiences using art therapy to help veterans and others work through emotional issues, and emphasizes the importance of showing empathy towards oneself. They also delve into the stigmatization of art and spirituality and the value of podcasting as a way to preserve memories and stories for future generations. Listeners will gain practical advice and inspiration to tap into their own creativity and prioritize self-care.

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Key Takeaways

  • Discover how podcasting can be a powerful medium for preserving memories and stories for future generations
  • Learn the importance of having a clear and concise podcast name that reflects the content of the show
  • Explore how Tim’s military experience helps him gain trust and show veterans the power of art in healing
  • Understand the therapeutic benefits of art as a tool for working through trauma and other issues
  • Hear personal anecdotes of using art to relieve stress and promote self-expression
  • Find out how to tame your inner critic and show more mercy and empathy towards oneself
  • Be inspired to tap into your own creativity and use podcasting as a tool for healing and connection

Tweetable Quotes

“How did I find your show? I was looking for shows about podcasting, and I had ran into Daniel J. Lewis, Dave Jackson, and yours popped up. And I saw your logo there, and I was just like, that's striking. And sure enough, there you were. And I was like, oh, wow. So I caught you in that 2017, 2018 time period there and have been a fan ever since.”

“One of my taglines is taming that inner critic. But when it takes over, when it stops you cold, when it won't let you even start a project, that's when there's a problem. I have an inner critic. My inner critic is loud. He is very loud. And on occasion, I have to take him out back in the woodshed and we have a conversation.”

“I think we've been indoctrinated trained through school, through media. That everything. This is beauty, and this is not beauty. And some of the things that aren't beautiful aren't conventionally beautiful. I absolutely love Mark Rothko paintings. Washes of color. We have one down in Richmond, VA. The first time I saw my first Rothco, I go up there and I got it. I understood what was going on. My wife looked at it and she was like, okay, well, nice paint.”

“You never know what you share from your personal journey that's going to resonate with folks.”

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