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E56 - Part 1 of 2 - Breaking Free from Prison Mentality: A Journey from Prisons to Purpose with Guest Jamal Jivanjee
6th May 2024 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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In this episode, the host, Michi J, interviews Jamal Jivanjee, a former correctional officer, pastor, and now a life coach and author of 'Living for a Living.' Jamal shares his personal journey from recognizing his repetitive life patterns and the realization of being the common denominator in his own life issues, leading him to seek a deeper understanding of purpose beyond mere survival. As a correctional officer, Jamal's experiences challenged his preconceptions about humanity and taught him the importance of seeing people beyond their actions or circumstances. Transitioning into a pastor and later a life coach, Jamal discusses how his personal and professional evolution was deeply intertwined with his quest for healing and understanding life's meaning beyond conventional success metrics. His insights into living purposefully, embracing inner healing, and helping others reflect on their life choices underscore the conversation's focus on personal transformation and the significance of living beyond just surviving.



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