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Guy Hutchinson, founder of the Startup CFO Community, discussing key lessons and development steps for CFOs with Emily Lincoln-Gordon
9th February 2024 • CFO Insights • Startup CFO
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In this episode Guy Hutchinson steps into the guest seat to share some insight on why the Startup CFO community is such an amazing resource for Tech CFOs. Guy had an accomplished career as a CFO building startups from seed-to-scale. On this journey he founded a meet-up group with three other CFOs, and that group became Startup CFO the leading community in the space.

We discuss in detail how this type of community can offer finance professionals peer-to-peer support, developing events that support signifiant career advancement and how the group now focuses on the key strategic aspects of the CFOs role. He explores why trust and authenticity are the one true currency and shares a surprising recommendation for any CFO thinking about becoming a founder.

A big thank you for Emily Lincoln-Gordon who interviewed Guy for this. Emily is COO, former General Counsel and founder at table eight.



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