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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 67, 28th October 2019
Cynthia Wehr – For the Love of Yoga
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Cynthia Wehr – For the Love of Yoga

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Cynthia Wehr

Cynthia grew up in the world living in numerous locations as her fathers work took him everywhere. She took her first Jivamukti yoga class in NYC with a friend and colleague. Shortly thereafter she found herself in a hot sweaty Bikram Yoga class - and rarely looked back (unless in backbend). After moving to Los Angelas she discovered she moved near Bikram headquarters. By 2003 she become a certified teacher. In 2007, as Cynthia continued to deepen her practice, she became the USA Yoga Champion and the World Yoga Champion. This enabled her to travel the world - and spent a great deal of time teaching in Japan - where she spent much of her teenage years. Today she owns 'Bomitra Yoga'. Bomitra meaning, Bo(body), Mi(mind),Tra(transition). The perfect name for someone that loves to teach students and teachers of all levels. Bomitra Yoga is an incredible studio in Mountain View, California that helps to connect people from all walks of life. Be sure to watch, listen and share this episode as Cynthia dives into her yoga roots and what she is doing to help and love others.


Show Notes

1:21 What does Bomitra mean?

2:41 Starting real yoga

8:11 First Bikram Class

9.18 Moving to L.A. to pursue acting

12:24 Doing yoga everyday & opening emotionally & energetically

15:45 First advanced yoga class

18:07 What is yoga competition?

23:01 Winning USA & World Yoga Championship in 2007

25:51 Facing challenges of life with yoga

29:28 How teaching has evolved over the years

38:17 New website / blogging / fashion / makeup

38:49 Thoughts for the new yoga student

40:15 Cynthia’s favorite ice cream

Photo Gallery of Cynthia, friends & family

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Cynthia demonstrating a few postures

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Cynthia Wehr's Links

Website: Bomitra Yoga

Website: It's a Cyntastical Life


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