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210: Bonus Edition- Interview with Missy Emler
4th May 2020 • Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast • Gretchen Bridgers | Education Podcast Network
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Missy is the Director of Innovation at a regional service agency in Wisconsin and the Educational Administration Program Coordinator at the University Wisconsin-Platteville. When engaging in conversations with Missy, her energy and enthusiasm for learning are contagious. She is a relentless advocate for school leaders and their learning needs as they maneuver their way through this time of massive change in education. Missy is the parent of three children.

You can also check out the first time Missy was a guest on the podcast here: Episode 20: Bonus Edition - Interview with Melissa Emler


  •  I have stopped talking about the tools and started talking about the function. I always ask what they are trying to accomplish.
  • We need to make sure that what we believe about learning connects to what’s happening in the world.
  • So often, what we do in schools and what we do in classrooms may or may not match up to what we believe about learning.
  • Do our kids find joy in our classrooms and what is the source of that joy?
  • We never need to fix students. We need to create the spaces and the experiences that remove the barrier.
  • Really hone in on what you want to learn and how that impacts the learners in your classroom.
  • How are we celebrating all of our learners and how are we celebrating learning more than achievement?
  • If we really want to learn and we really want to do the best work for our kids, it isn’t just roses, it is kind of a lot of thorns too. You have to find the balance.

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