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Science Modeling Talks - Science Modeling Talks EPISODE 16, 1st January 2021
Episode 16 – Erica Posthuma & Molly Bickle – The next Generation
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Episode 16 – Erica Posthuma & Molly Bickle – The next Generation

In this episode, Mark talks with Erica Posthuma and her student Molly Bickle. This conversation explores passing the torch to a next generation science instructor.

Guest Bio

Molly Bickle

Molly Bickle is a senior at University High School of Indiana. She is a varsity golfer in the fall and is heavily involved in her school’s musical in the spring. After taking three years of Chemistry, Molly is very excited to combine her love for the subject with her passion for and interest in education. Additionally, she spent January of 2020 student teaching for a Spanish 1 classroom. Although unsure of where she is going to study, she plans on pursuing an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Spanish.

Erica Posthuma

Erica Posthuma has been a science educator since 2001, teaching in both public and private school settings. She attended her first modeling instruction workshop after ten years of teaching, and it completely changed her way of teaching. Erica serves on the board of AMTA and is very active on social media, supporting and sharing ideas with others from all over. Erica is also an associate editor for the Journal of Chemical Education's ChemEdXchange.



Erica and Molly Transcript