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The Society of Scoundrels - The Society of Scoundrels EPISODE 7, 15th December 2019
Helicopters, Nerd Stuff, and Christmas Movies
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Helicopters, Nerd Stuff, and Christmas Movies

In this episode Steve discusses his desires when he becomes wealthy, Josh talks about his plans for his man cave in his new house, and the guys introduce two new segments to the show.


00:40 - Thanksgiving Stories - The guys discuss what they did over Thanksgiving

05:46 - Helicopter Shopping - Steve decided to go online shopping for helicopters

11:43 - Need for Speed - Brian discusses the new Need For Speed video game

13:13 - Beer Review - This week's beer is Budweiser

20:11 - The News - Alcohol and Cancer, New England Patriots busted for cheating again, and Hepatitis contracted from blackberries

36:39 - Nerd Corner - Introducing a new segment all about everything nerdy. This week Josh discusses his plans for a nerd man cave and the myth behind the term "Alpha Male"

53:06 - Best Christmas Presents - The guys discuss the best Christmas presents they ever received

1:09:12 - Christmas Game - Brian reads Christmas movie quotes and Steve and Josh try to guess the movie

1:18:00 - Top Five - Christmas Songs

1:25:33 - Grandma at Graceland - Josh discusses scattering his grandmother's ashes

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