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eCommerce Momentum Podcast - eCommerce Momentum Podcast 24th March 2016
080 : Ken Kelly – Bi-Vocational Shoe Flipper – His other profession is his true calling- he is also a Pastor! Living the life he has been being prepared for!
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080 : Ken Kelly – Bi-Vocational Shoe Flipper – His other profession is his true calling- he is also a Pastor! Living the life he has been being prepared for!

Ken KellyWhat a great guy, a great interview that will inspire you regardless of your religious views. He has found a way to make his life complete, working on his true calling, the Church, yet loving his other work: eCommerce! Think of your situation, do you have a “B” plan? Could you ride out a job loss, a “Downsizing”, “Rightsizing” or any other significant change in your life? Fortunately for Ken he (GOD) had a plan for him. He gets to help his son grow a new church, imagine having your Dad be able to help you start something new! So get ready to step outside your category and learn something new.


Ken mentioned:

Flipping Shoes.com – One of the most frustrating complaints heard from Amazon sellers is how competitions drives prices down to next to nothing. Are you tired of forking out hundreds of dollars on toys, only to realize that fifty other sellers discovered the same toys you did? Are you sick of having to drop your prices to the point that all profit margins are erased? Do you often worry about whether to join the race to the bottom or to keep your prices high in hopes that the low-ballers will sell out? If you’re ready for a niche that will minimize these risks and provide you an additional income stream with six-figure potential, then Flipping Shoes is definitely for you.In Flipping Shoes, author and online seller Ken Kelly tells his story of how he started selling shoes on Amazon and in the first year of sales grossed more than $100,000. And that was on a part-time basis!

MM8Group Conference –  Coming up Quick! So this conference isn’t cheap, its a real investment! (Please do not borrow money to attend conferences!) See if this fits what you’re looking for, here is the agenda:

Days 1 & 2 Topics

  • How to Find and Hire Shoppers to Take your Retail Arbitrage Business to Another Level
  • How to creatively set yourself apart from your competition
  • How to hire and train a Virtual assistant that can skyrocket your business
  • Advanced sourcing strategies
  • How to go beyond arbitrage – wholesale, private label, etc.
  • How to never see or touch your inventory
  • How to take your business international
  • The tools we use to make our business more efficient
  • How to find inventory that you can sell over and over again
  • How your own Mastermind Group can revolutionize your business
  • How to take advantage of Credit Card Offers to Travel for Free all Over the World
  • And much much more!
  • Day 3 Intensive (Optional)

    Sourcing Workshop and Field Trip with Lance, Ken, and Eric

    • Advanced Sourcing Tips & Strategies
    • Break Away for several hours to go sourcing with…..


    Private Label Workshop

    • Defining and Researching a Niche
    • Evaluating and Choosing a Private Label Product
    • Sourcing that Product
    • How to Create a Killer Listing
    • How to Create Momentum and Sales



“An eCommerce business allows me to live the life I can choose”

“At this stage of my life it is noce to be able to breathe and spend the time I want, where I want!”





Golden Nuggets:

Give something away without expectation, you will get so much more back!