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Is Bad Health the Barrier to Your Success?
Episode 2489th September 2021 • Salon Owners Collective • Larissa Macleman
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I’m sure you hear about this particular topic a LOT…

It’s definitely something which circulates often, especially amongst busy business owners like you and I, who have a lot on their plate.

But surprisingly, despite this, there are very few Salon Owners that I actually see making a change. 

That’s right, I'm talking about Health.

When it comes to your health… there are way too many Salon Owners that push this aside- don’t prioritise it.

...Are you guilty?

Skipped lunch breaks, not enough water, bent over behind a Salon chair or office desk all day… I've done it. But eventually, these bad habits will catch up to you.

That’s why I’ve invited Ben Warren, clinical nutritionist and founder of the wellness company ‘Be Pure’, to join me today. 

We’ll chat about common mistakes that busy Salon Owners make when it comes to their health, simple hacks to live a healthier life, and why bad health could be the barrier to your success.

This discovery has been a game-changer for me, personally, so I know you will love what Ben has to say.


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