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Ninja Video Marketing Tips – Online Reviews And More – Troy Howard
25th July 2019 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Episode 400:  Ninja Video Marketing Tips – Online Reviews And More – Troy Howard

It is no secret that video marketing is HUGE right now.  However, when you look at most home service businesses they are falling woefully short in this area.

Having a strong Facebook Page for your business with fresh content being published constantly is a mission critical requirement in todays world.

Troy Howard and I discuss practical tips you can use to get more videos made and how to automate their publishing to social media.

Troy built a software company called SoTellUs.  Over the last decade SoTellUs has grown rapidly because it is the worlds only automated video review software.

Small business is not easy but getting a steady stream of video testimonials from your clients can be very easy when you use SoTellUs.  In other words, Houston we have a problem.

For instance, imagine getting daily video testimonials streaming in to your company each day.  In addition, those videos would post to your Facebook page automatically.  Now that is cool!


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Likewise, if you are struggling to produce more video content for your small business you will love this episode.  Video marketing is not going to go away and using customer reviews is the most powerful possible way to leverage video.


Joshua Latimer


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