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The Hidden Invaders: Unmasking Parasites, Their Devastating Health Impact, and How to Eliminate Them with Sheela Mahdavi
7th June 2024 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Imagine hosting an uninvited guest inside your body—one that could be silently wreaking havoc on your health without you even knowing. Parasites, those unseen invaders, are far more common than most people realize and can be linked to a myriad of chronic conditions. Research shows that nearly one billion people worldwide are affected by parasitic worm infections annually, leading to chronic inflammation and a host of health issues, from autoimmune disorders to mental health problems.

Today’s guest, Sheela Mahdavi, is an expert who specializes in these hidden threats. As a nutritionist, detoxification specialist, and herbalist, Sheela has made it her mission to uncover and address the often-overlooked issue of parasitic infections. Her journey began with a personal health transformation where she reversed a pre-diabetic diagnosis using diet and natural remedies, igniting her passion for holistic health solutions.

Sheela's company, Food Over Drugs, focuses on promoting natural health remedies and educating people about the medicinal properties of food, emphasizing the use of high-quality, organic, and wild-harvested herbs, free from pesticides and preservatives.

In this episode, Sheela takes us through the dark, often misunderstood world of parasite cleansing. We discuss the subtle signs and symptoms of parasitic infections, the surprising connections between parasites and chronic diseases, and the impact they can have on mental health. Sheela also shares insights into how the lunar cycle influences parasitic activity and why timing is crucial for effective parasite cleansing.

In my conversation with Sheela, you'll discover:

-Pivotal moments in the journey toward becoming an advocate for food as medicine...02:44

-Ways to persuade those ensconced in conventional medicine practices to embrace more holistic modalities of health and diet...09:10

-Commonalities re: natural health remedies and herbs across different cultures...13:20

-Signs and symptoms of parasitic infections and why they are more common than we realize...18:00

-The inflammation that parasites causes can be related to depression and anxiety...25:25

-How the phases of the moon influence parasitic activity in the human body and why specific timings are recommended for parasite cleanses...30:51

-Why herbal formulas may produce better results than the more popular parasite cleanse protocols...39:50

-Foods to eat and to stay away from during a parasitic cleanse...45:47

-Carrot and stick: gruesome and wholesome parasite cleanse stories...50:29

-And much more!

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