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Digital Discussions Unfiltered - Lorna Scully EPISODE 60, 30th June 2021
How To Use Mindfulness As A Business Owner
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How To Use Mindfulness As A Business Owner

In this episode, I speak to the lovely Emma Buchan who is a transformation coach after having been there and done it herself and now helps others gain more confidence and self-belief in themselves and their abilities.

And today's she's going to chat to us all about mindfulness, why it's important and how we can incorporate it into our busy, online, daily lives.

Emma gives us a quick grounding exercise to go through together which will bring us back to being aware of our surroundings; we chat about paying attention with purpose; how it can relate to running your business day-to-day and so much more.

If you found what Emma was talking about interesting, you can find her: Website | Instagram