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LYNDSEY HOOKWAY - How Can I Help My My Child Sleep Better?
22nd July 2021 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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Today I speak to author of the new book “Still Awake – Responsive Sleep Tools for Toddlers to Tweens’, international speaker on infant feeding, behaviour and sleep, paediatric nurse, and co -founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program – Lyndsey Hookway.

Sleep and specifically your child’s sleep is one of the biggest fears of new parents along with how they will function as adults on less sleep. For parents in general whether their kids are getting enough sleep is one of their main concerns. For some parents just getting your kids to sleep at all is the biggest frustration

So on todays conversation we tackle some of the fact and fiction around this subject head on

In my conversation with Lyndsey we discuss:

  • Why the over abundance of information around child development, psychology and attachment is causing a massive amount of overwhelm amongst parents
  • The theory of supercharging your child's love tank by maximising short periods of time with them
  • How the idea of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. sleeping is unrealistic and setting parents up for failure
  • The actual amount of wind down time that your kids need before bed (along with the when you should put in the fun time)
  • The amount of external and internal factors which effect the family unit daily and how they impact everything, including everyone's sleep

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