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Please, Finish Your Book! - John P Smith Jr 6th September 2016
012: Shola Richards | Making Work Work
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012: Shola Richards | Making Work Work

Shola Richards is a workplace positivity expert, dynamic keynote speaker,  and self-professed kindness extremist who is dedicated to positively change how we work, live and lead in America. As a busy award-winning Director of Training at a top educational institution, he finished writing the book, “Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution for Any Work Environment.

The Book: Making Work Work
-How to treat each other better at work
-A roadmap to lead with kindness and positivity
-Tools to create a solutionist society at work
-Building resilience and dealing with personalities
-Favorite section is “Number One” which is putting yourself first

The Author:
-Grew up in Massachusetts
-Bullied as a Kid, had a speech impediment
-Wanted to be a Professional Basketball player
-Got a degree in Psychology
-First he read book “Awaken the Giant Within
-Book he admires:
“The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield

The Mindset:
-He and 65 million other people were bullied at work
-His twin brother Doyin inspired him to write a book
-Prefers early morning writing
-Used notes app on phone to capture ideas
-Tip: Do not edit while you write

Learn alot more about Shola Richards at:
@positivitysolve (Twitter and Instagram)
https://www.facebook.com/ThePositivitySolution (Facebook)
www.thepositivitysolution.com (Web)

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