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The Marketers Mindset: Strategies and Interviews To Help Grow Your Business Online - Brian Burkard: Podcaster 2nd July 2019
061: FOCUS: A Key To High Performance
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061: FOCUS: A Key To High Performance


A Key To High Performance!

Focus, we think the problem is that our brains are distracted, but through the research, Chris found that it wasn’t that our brains were distracted, it was that our brains are OVER STIMULATED!

I went to a seminar this past Saturday to see Meditation Master and Mind-Body trainer Ilchi Lee. He was promoting his new book CONNECT.

The whole concept of the book is to go inward and connect to your true self, which is where all your true health, happiness and peace comes from!

Chris Bailey – TEDx

How to focus in a world of distractions

This overstimulation is ironically causing us to Crave Distraction!

Our brains love these little distractions of social media, bits of information and emails

There is a mechanism in our mind called The Novelty Bias – in which our minds will hit us with a dose of Dopamine (those pleasure chemicals)

THE BIG TAKEAWAY is that our Minds actually Reward us for seeking out and finding distractions!

He found that it takes our minds about 8 days to calm down when we start to detox from all these daily distractions

Attention Span Expanded where he could focus more effortlessly, not because he had less daily distractions around him, but that due to his mind being less stimulated, it didn’t seek out distractions!

He also got more Ideas and Plans that came to him which hadn’t before, because his mind had a chance to wander more often than it had before

“Not all those who wander are lost.”  –  J. R. R. Tolkien

He calls SCATTER FOCUS – research shows that by letting our mind wander it lets us come up with plans and ideas that we wouldn’t other come up with do to being distracted by our electronic devices. (phones, computers, TVs)

Couple Tips For You:

  • Next time you are waiting for a meeting don’t look at your phone
  • When waiting in line, don’t look at your phone

2 Fundamental shifts when it comes to our ATTENTION

  • We DON’T need to fit more in to our daily lives! We do so much that our mind never wanders anymore.
  • Stop thinking that DISTRACTION is the enemy of Focus and realize that it is OVERSTIMULATION.

2 Week Challenge – disconnect from technology for awhile. Unplug, Technology Detox like many are calling it today and watch what happens to your ideas that come up
**”The state of our attention is what determines the state of our lives.” – Chris Bailey


Chris Bailey’s TEDx Talk:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu4Yvq-g7_Y

Ilchi Lee’s website: http://ilchi.com/

Ilchi Lee’s new book Connect: https://www.amazon.com/Connect-Clarity-Expand-Consciousness-Meditation-ebook/dp/B07S93FS42/ref=sr_1_4?