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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 5th May 2019
87: Bio engineering, Biomedical, Mechanical – Try as many new things – Juhanna Robberts
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87: Bio engineering, Biomedical, Mechanical – Try as many new things – Juhanna Robberts

Juhanna Roberts earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and is in procurement at a large shoe manufactures, Nike.

[0:40] Juhanna also has a minor in engineering entrepreneurship, and has played rugby and Australian rules football.

[1:15] She goes into the sourcing/buying area which is not a traditional STEM position. She found it during the rotation program at Nike. This was a new challenge for her. Team work is very important and that is a skill that is developed during your college days in STEM.

[4:45] Does she miss doing design, sometimes, but she can always go back and do design at any point.

[5:40] what are some things she really enjoys being in the procurement/sourcing environment. She really loves being in a team environment and be able to communicate back in non-engineering terms. She also likes the negotiating side to build that as a new skill. A STEM degree is very viable even if you want to pursue a business path. A skill you learn in STEM is the ability to think and solve problems.

[9:35] what is one thing she really does not like about procurement – she misses some of the hands on aspects of a traditional STEM career.

[10:25] An Ah-Ha moment – engineering is much more than just learning information, she realized that engineering teaches you a way to think and that is what business want and need.

[12:55] If you are on the edge between STEM and a business degree, would highly recommend STEM and you don’t have to get straight A’s.

[14:10] Getting through college – wish she knew that everyone will struggle and you will probably fail some exams and take some classes out of your major. Also having some artificial intelligence classes would be helpful.

[16:30] Best advice, never lie and surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. And a habit is frequent exercise. Favorite app is Yelp and favorite book Fly Honey Bee Fly by Eva Robberts-Vankova, her mother!

[18:50] Parting piece of guidance – Try as many new things as you can!

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