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Franchise Euphoria: Franchise Insights | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Business Training | Legal and Financial Strategy - By Josh Brown: Business Lawyer 2nd June 2020
Transitioning from Licensing to Franchising with Tom Britt of Towne Post Network
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Transitioning from Licensing to Franchising with Tom Britt of Towne Post Network

Tom Britt is the Founder and CEO of Towne Post Network. Prior to founding Towne Post, Tom founded a number of other business concepts including Progressive Publishing, Channelseek.com, and the atGeist.com Community Newsletter which eventually transitioned into the Towne Post Network. With over thirty years in the publishing industry, Tom offers a well-rounded prospective on the evolution of print to digital media.

Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Tom Britt, the CEO and Founder of Towne Post Network. Full disclosure, Towne Post Network is a client of Indy Franchise Law.

[2:39] Josh welcomes Tom to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:48] Tom shares about his prior business ventures and what led him to come up with the concept for Towne Post Network.

[8:31] An early challenge Tom had to face was finding the balance between print and digital media.

[11:46] Within the first few years of running their newsletters, Tom started licensing the Towne Post platform to other communities who were interested in bringing a similar concept to their area, but he began running into a few issues with this model.

[17:26] Tom shares about what his first year in franchising looked like and how they determined who their ideal franchisee candidate was.

[22:30] COVID-19 has had a brutal impact on print media, and now many businesses are faced with the decision to adapt to digital media or go under.

[25:08] In Tom’s opinion, the top performing franchisees in this industry had previous “B2B” (business to business) sales experience.

[29:05] Tom explains what their digital integration concept is all about and what type of support you would receive as a franchisee.

[36:29] Towne Post has launched a new CRM program and found based on the timing of their submissions that people are buying products at night and want instant graitifcation, which led him to launch TownePost.Direct.  

[39:58] If you want to learn more about Towne Post Network, visit their websites listed below.

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