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Kent Wories – Future of the Independent Running Store
Episode 314th August 2020 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners,

Well it is August! We are eight months into the worst year in my memory. But we have running to help us get through it. I hope it is helping you!

Moving to Denver from Maui in February, I am bracing for my first fall/winter where the seasons actually change. I've not gone through a winter in over 8 years. Got to upgrade my wardrobe since I am still wearing my island garb during the beautiful Colorado summer.

A recent shock, Halloween costume stores are popping up in Denver. A little early in my opinion and I expect Costco to set up their Christmas displays soon if they haven't already. We are just trying to make it through each day! Geez.

I was invited to be a guest on the "Run Your Day" podcast with host Daniel Hafner. This is a very positive podcast with wonderful messages. Daniel is a very good in-depth host. They are quick hit episodes not exceeding 15 minutes. The episode I am on is 37 minutes since he rarely has a guest. I am on episode #270! That is a lot of episodes. I'm humbled. Click here to hear it.

I'm honored to have Kent Wories as this episodes guest. He is the owner of Runners Roost in Colorado, which is an independent running store. He has six stores he owns outright and three others he licenses out the name but are independently owned by others.

We discuss how he positioned his stores through the pandemic, how he is doing now, and the future of the independent running retail store. A very good talk.

Please support your local running store. They need your business more than ever and we need them to survive. They are a big support of the local running community.

Be safe runners. Wear your mask in public. Please be kind and courteous to others. And remember to “just show up and always, ALWAYS, feel good about YOUR running!"

~ Jim




Kent Wories

 Run Your Day Podcast - Daniel Hafner - Jim's guest Episode - Website


Inspirational Running Quote

“Running, because some questions can't be answered by Google.” – Unknown



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