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Erica Mandy - A NEWSWORTHY approach to the Future!
Episode 11125th November 2019 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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To experience the future of audio information, look no further than Erica Mandy. She left a broadcast journalism career in LA to launch “The Newsworthy”, a daily roundup of politics, tech, business and entertainment that makes it faster, easier and way more fun to get all the news you need to know…in less than 10 minutes every day!

Erica shares where she feels broadcast news is missing the mark, especially for younger consumers, and offers some thoughts on why her daily podcast has quickly risen to the top, both in listenership and ad dollars!

Her energetic, personable style and objective coverage of each day’s happenings create a great model for how broadcast news CAN be delivered ─ or face obsolescence.

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