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Focusing On Your Current Customers Is Key To Long-Term Business Success
Episode 717th July 2020 • Make Each Click Count Hosted By Andy Splichal • Andy Splichal
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In this episode, Andy discusses the importance of your customers and retaining long-term customer relationships.

Through his recent experience, you can glimpse the value of a long-term customer. In addition, this episode details strategies for both customer retention as well as strategies to win-back lost customers.

Discover why focusing on your current customers is the key to long-term business success.


Andy Splichal, who was recently named to the Best of Los Angeles Awards’ Fascinating 100 List, is the founder and managing partner of True Online Presence, author of the Make Each Click Count book series and Founder of Make Each Click Count University found at

He is a certified online marketing strategist with twenty plus years of experience and counting helping companies increase their online presence and profitable revenues. To find more information on Andy Splichal visit, read the full story on his blog at or shop his books on Amazon or at

New episodes of the Make Each Click Count Podcast, are released each Friday and can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and on Make Each Click Count at


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