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Teddy Burriss – Building a Relevant and Meaningful LinkedIn Network
Episode 114th July 2022 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

If you’re looking to discover better ways of using LinkedIn as a business tool that can amplify your presence, network, reputation, and opportunities, you will enjoy my conversation with Author, Speaker & LinkedIn Expert, Teddy Burriss. In our conversation, Teddy shares some tips, tricks, and best practices to help you get discovered and learn new ways to generate the best leads, find your next great job, and connect with industry influencers. Join me now for my conversation with Teddy Burriss.

Guest Bio:

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn expert, social media consultant, columnist, speaker and author who shares with his audiences, steps to achieve success in business by building relationships and developing relationships and developing leads through the use of LinkedIn as a business tool.

Teddy has used LinkedIn as a business tool for over 10 years and he knows what works (and what doesn’t) when using LinkedIn to develop business relationships.

Teddy is dedicated to his local community, especially to those that are unemployed. His business success allows him to volunteer 50 percent of his time as a Career Transition Coach to help individuals in need of finding suitable employment.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

05:03 Who should be using LinkedIn?

12:29 Three areas to focus on

12:50 What are the things people absolutely must have in their profile?

14:54 You don't know who they know that you need to know

16:57 Ask the person to introduce you to the person that they know, that you would like to connect with.

17:45 I’m going to ask two questions….

27:01 If you're a serious prospector, you better be using Sales Navigator

28:32 Use your words and engage on content

30:18 The 90/10 Rule

37:12 The value of groups

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