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S1-Bonus Episode: Jamie's Remarks on the Closing Arguments
Bonus Episode9th December 2020 • Snow Files • Jamie Snow
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Jamie reflects on the atmosphere during the closing arguments, how he felt, what was going through his mind, how his family was treated by the court, and even his physical reactions to the stress of being on trial for murder. Jamie also gives a huge shout out to our transcriptionists led by Pamela Westby: Melinda Wargacki, Cathy McElhaney, Caywood Yamnik and Jinger Fiola.  And another HUGE shout out to Mrs. Wargacki's student, Stuart Hilton - and a little thoughtful advice for Mr. Hilton.

Episode Transcript:

References: EP 20: The Truth Never Changes - Closing Arguments: Closing Arguments Transcript: Episode Transcriptions (1-10):

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