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Balancing Act: Gemma Burke on Business, Parenthood, and Personal Growth
Episode 30330th April 2024 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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EP 303 - Gemma is director of True Sports Hydration. She's also a business owner in the health & wellness industry.

We discuss what makes True Sports Hydration so unique, Gemma’s startup challenges, career progression and balancing her professional aspirations with impending motherhood.

We cover diverse topics like entrepreneurship, work-life balance, family dynamics, charitable work, the impact of personal loss and potential uses of technology in remembering loved ones.

We also provide personal insights and reflections for founders.


00:00 BWB with Gemma Burke

01:46 Gemma on Entrepreneurship and Hydration

01:54 The World of True Sports Hydration

04:42 From Musical Theatre to Hydration Expert

11:10 The Impact of Manoj Bhargava and Billions in Change

15:46 The Unique Benefits of True Sports Hydration

19:54 Marketing Strategies and the Future of Hydration

25:22 Personal Insights and Future Aspirations

31:09 Entrepreneurial Roots and Work-Life Balance

31:50 Maternity Leave and Work Culture

32:35 Challenges of Returning to Work Post-Parenting

36:30 The Sodium Debate in the Drinks Industry

38:31 Advice for Entrepreneurs

41:29 Quick Fire Round: Getting To Know Gemma

54:52 Reflections on Loss and Digital Remembrance

57:16 Wrap Up

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