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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 250, 15th January 2020
How To Do More In Podcasting Without Doing More Podcasting [Episode 250]

How To Do More In Podcasting Without Doing More Podcasting [Episode 250]

We live in a world of seemingly non-stop podcast conferences. A flurry of thought-provoking articles about podcasting. Online courses and services for podcasters are coming out on a continual basis.

So it’s quite natural for you to want to get even more into the podcasting world. It’s exploding, and you want to increase your chances of being swept up by this movement.

To put together a quality show can easily take a significant portion of a day, if not the entire day. And then there are the other things you have to do, you know. Like… your job? 

The simple solution for that starts with this realization: There's more to podcasting than the actual physical stuff, like sitting behind a microphone and talking, editing and engineering, writing up episode notes or designing artwork and graphics.

On this episode, I’ll give you these four ways to go deeper into podcasting without starting another podcast:

  • Solicit guest appearances on other shows
  • Write about podcasting for other publications
  • Speak about podcasting at conferences and meetups
  • Become part of another podcast

In short: Where can you lend your voice in podcasting that doesn't require you to have a new podcast? 

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