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Family Organizer Plus – It’s Your Data. Own It!
Episode 9216th September 2020 • Local First • Rob Kochanski
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Over 30 years ago, Dr. Dennis Hill predicted that the only way we would make a change regarding our privacy would take a significant world event.

After having several conversations, I would have to agree that Dr. Hill was right.

Dennis Hill profiled in 1987 Business Journal Magazine (Cover Story)

Published in 1987 (8/24/1987), the magazine profiled the rise of cyber-security and several of its pioneers. A computer prodigy at 14 (pre-PC era) and a computer engineering professor at 23, Dennis Hill of MSOE University, was highlighted with other computer experts in this article. Hill predicted the rise of cyber-terrorism and the lack of security investment by businesses and consumers, citing awareness and change only in response to breaches and data violation catastrophes.

This past month Netflix released the documentary /the social dilemma_ This documentary from Jeff Orlowski explores how addiction and privacy breaches are features, not bugs, of social media platforms.

EXACTA engineered and supports Family Organizer Plus. This software platform powers the most important social network in history, the Family. Individuals and families reclaim their digital privacy and regain control of digital records under new and emerging laws worldwide, including the U.S. FamOrg+ promises to be a leading disruptive technology with a positive impact on the modern digitized family.

What is Family Organizer Plus or FamOrg+?

FamOrg+ is EXACTA's first software platform for end-users and specifically families and individuals who care about privacy and security. FamOrg+ includes a robust contact manager, private and secure "in-family" chatting, an aggregated family calendar derived from individual member calendars, and complete management of records, photos, and AV files.

What technology makes FamOrg+ game-changing?

FamOrg+ is an entirely new concept in the consumer software market because it leverages current and emerging technologies, including 5G security protocols and cloud-based decentralized data storage known as a blockchain. Blockchain is the same lock-tight technology underlying cryptocurrencies.

Be one of the first to have access to the Family Organizer Plus community. Head over to Indiegogo to pre-register before FamOrg+ hits the market. 

By pre-registering for FamOrg+ you will have the opportunity to provide input on future development.

About EXACTA Corp:

Founded in 1976, EXACTA has been a leader in designing, developing, and managing innovative, mission-critical software solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

EXACTA is A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a team of 24 professionals averaging 15 years of commercial and consumer software experience, many holding advanced degrees and certifications.

Family Organizer Plus employs technology, pioneered and proven. 

EXACTA’s flagship product, Corporate Organizer CRM & More, a powerful business platform introduced in 2016. Designed around new-century methods, like AI, 5G, and blockchain, Corporate Organizer CRM & More integrates company-wide contacts, aggregated calendars, and blockchain-encrypted records with other ERP, CRM, and accounting systems on one knowledge relationship manager.

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