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Ditching Imposter Syndrome - Clare Josa EPISODE 3, 17th January 2020
How 'Imps' Get In The Way Of Your Goals [Episode 003]
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How 'Imps' Get In The Way Of Your Goals [Episode 003]

On international 'Ditch your New Year resolutions' day, we're talking about how our 'imps' - our negative self-talk, those hidden fears, blocks, limiting beliefs and excuses get in the way of our dreams.

You'll learn how to spot the early warning signs, so you can turn this around before things get out of hand. Plus you'll get a chance to experience how achieving your dreams could feel, once your 'imps' are no longer getting in the way.

Shownotes and resources: www.ditchyourimps.com/003/

Join us for the LIVE 10-day Going Beyond Goals challenge: https://ditchingimpostersyndrome.com/goals/