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SBfm20 – Listener Questions Volume 1
18th December 2018 • SchneiderB.FM • Brendan Schneider
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Welcome to Episode 20 where the guests today are actually listeners of this podcast. I asked in my Facebook Group for listener questions they wanted me to answer, and I’m going to answer them in this podcast.

In this episode, here are the questions I’ll cover
  • What is the best way to spend a small ad budget ($1,000) when you are just starting out and have no history to learn from?
  • What ad structure needs to be in place before you start spending money?
  • Is it better to use a landing page that is not a part of your website (i.e. Leadpages) or a landing page on your school website as a destination for online ads?
  • What social media tools do I use and what specific data do I collect to improve my work?
  • How to track event registrations by source using Google analytics goals.
  • How I use Hubspot for development and recruitment purposes.
  • How to balance the needs of search engine optimization while not using too much text on your website.
  • How to evaluate an outside vendor for market research and data analysis for prospective families.
  • What is a reasonable cost and time frame for a new school website?
  • Guidance on the creative aspects of starting an inbound marketing program from scratch.
  • Should school marketers get involved in product or is that the domain of the Head of School?
  • How do other schools use Pinterest?
  • What private and collaborative media management platform is out there to assist our MarComms Department to centralize, organize and share memories.
  • What percent of a school’s budget should be dedicated to marketing?
  • What one MarComms / Admission professional would I hire if I could hire only one?
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