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Love Your Story - Lori Lee 28th August 2019
Episode 148 Keys to Courage: Interview with Amy Perkins
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Episode 148 Keys to Courage: Interview with Amy Perkins

Episode 148 Keys to Courage: Interview with Amy Perkins

How many powerful manifestors do you know? What are the keys to being brave enough to get what you really want from your life story?

Today I’m interviewing Amy Perkins, whose platform is the Keys to Courage. Tune in to learn from a lady who has learned to manifest powerfully, and let’s see if we can find some keys for writing the life story we want to live for ourselves.

Amy is passionate about helping you live your best life. That dream life. The one you wish you had.

Eighteen months ago, she got sick and tired of going through the motions. She felt there had to be more. She left a 25-year career in education after witnessing leaders who were not leading with integrity. She wanted a career that was fulfilling, one that made an impact and left a legacy. She sought a deeper bond with her family and she sought richer relationships with friends. So she went on a journey to find her purpose and live with purpose, and on that journey, she found the keys to building confidence, finding clarity and the keys to courage. Today she’s going to share her journey and the magic elixir that she discovered on her own hero’s journey.

Tune into the audio program to hear her story and to find out what she thinks the keys to courage and manifesting are.

To contact Amy:

Learn more about why she founded Keys to Courage at: https://www.keystocourage.com/


Self-belief and self-love is always the foundation of living your best life story. I’m grateful for Amy’s enthusiasm and insights into increasing our self-love, our faith, our courage! Share this episode with someone who may need it and your challenge for today is to ………..

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Have a great week taking another step toward self-love and the story YOU want to live. See you in a couple weeks.