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Episode 299th January 2022 • Beer Feelings • Natalie Rae Jones
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On episode 29, Natalie chats with Joanne Love of Love Beer Learning about how to properly observe flavors in craft beer.

Drink along with us and learn how to:

  • Appreciate your beer from the can crack to final sips
  • Uncover different hidden levels of flavor
  • Observe aromas 5 different ways

Enjoy and cheers!

Time Stamps:

2:34 - Joanne's beer origin story

15:45 - Levels of craft beer consumers

18:25 - How to properly pour and start observing features in your beer

22:40 - Letting your beer warm and open up

24:30 - Different shapes of glassware and temperature control

26:30 - Initial sips

28:44 - Being your own beer expert

30:15 - Appreciating aromas in craft beer

36:54 - Observing other beer features

38:13 - How to properly sip your craft beer

42:47 - Noticing differences in beer flavor at different beverage temperatures

45:28 - Should you drink water in between beer sips?


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