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Ep 63 : Men, Ditch The Viagra And Do This To Stay Hard With Dr. Anne Truong
Episode 631st December 2022 • People on Dating • Will Morales
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About Dr. Anne :

As a board-certified medical doctor with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Anne Truong specializes in anti-aging and biologic cellular medicine. Her best-selling book, Erectile Dysfunction Fix, has helped thousands of men with sexual dysfunction regain their ability to enjoy intimate relationships. She effects change as a podcaster, a blogger, a serial entrepreneur, a mentor, and an online course creator with her passion for restoring men’s sexual and overall health.

It’s time for men and women to smash taboos around sexual health, feel empowered to talk about sexual health issues and have access to effective solutions, not internet sales gimmicks that do not work long term. Dr. Truong is offering your listeners the newest and most modern forms of treatment and lifestyle choices that will improve their condition for a lifetime.

Her mission through the Sexual Health for Men Podcast is to help 100 million men use modern technology for sexual health restoration and make education and resources accessible.

Dr. Anne's Value Add

  • The brain is our largest organ
  • Getting blood flow to our penis
  • The side affects of viagra
  • Causes of E.D
  • Don't rely on viagra
  • The morning wood shake
  • And much more...........

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Book(s) recommended

  • Erectile Dysfunction : Dr. Anne

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