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The Bullet Journal Method (with Ryder Carroll) – From 2018
31st August 2023 • The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry • Todd Henry
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Many of the best innovations are the ones we create to scratch our own itch. I started this very podcast back in 2005 because I was struggling as a Creative Director to find decent conversations about how to help my team stay healthy and productive over the long-term. Today’s guest also scratched an itch, and its now helped countless people around the globe better organize their thoughts and their days.

I am a paper addict. I am. I’ve relented somewhat and now use an iPad Pro for some of my note taking and other tasks, but there’s nothing like a well-crafted notebook and the feel of a pen scratching on paper. So, when I came across the Bullet Journal Method a few years ago, I was at first intrigued, then quickly hooked. It’s a simple method for planning your day and tracking thoughts and ideas. What I loved about it was its simplicity, and that it removed the pressure to “get it right” that many journaling or productivity methods impose.

The creator of the Bullet Journal Method is Ryder Carroll, and he’s on this episode of the show to help us understand a bit about how to use journaling to organize our lives and accomplish our goals. He’s released a book called The Bullet Journal Method, and we’ll be discussing how to better organize your days, and how to know when to launch a passion project into the world.