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How to Transition from Long-Term to Short-Term Rentals with Clint Harris
Episode 356th February 2020 • Road to Family Freedom • Neil and Brittany Henderson
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Clint Harris – Real Estate investor for over a decade with his wife, starting with long-term single-family home investing but have since transitioned into short-term rentals, including their own house on the beach. Clint Harris discusses micro-listings, using an FHA loan, past choices he would do differently now, acquiring data, and what he is doing in the short-term rental space.

Post-Interview Analysis 

  • Key Lessons Learned: They looked into the reviews and what the best renters were doing in the short-term rental space in his area. He is working to scale the business by creating in-house operations.
  • How did they acquire their knowledge or what knowledge did they need to acquire? He read books and really used mentorship.
  • How much money did it take to get started? They were all in on the property for $390,000 and came to the table initially with $60,000 including the down payment and expenses.
  • How much time does it take now? Once everything is set up but once it is up and running it is around 30 minutes a week.
  • Could they do this strategy from anywhere in the world? He is able to do this from anywhere.

Episode Highlights:

  • Schedule a video chat with Neil Henderson at
  • Clint Harris started his real estate investing with a house hack of a duplex in Columbia, South Carolina.  
  • Why did he stop building up his long-term single-family home portfolio? 
  • He used an FHA loan with about $5000-$7000 down and some remodeling. 
  • Were there any decisions he would have done differently? 
  • Was he buying properties at market value?     
  • What are some things he has learned? 
  • There are way more ways to learn from other people’s mistakes than there were 10 years ago. 
  • Short-term rentals are very market-specific so Clint did a lot of research. 
  • How did he acquire his data for the top-listed item purchases for things like mattresses? 
  • What are Clint’s thoughts on micro-listings? 
  • Does AirBnB do automatic micro-listings?
  • What are Clint ‘s growth current goals? 
  • Has he thought about doing any co-hostings?  
  • Clint wants to build his real estate portfolio in a way that he can do it from anywhere in the world.     
  • What are the differences in expenses for long-term rentals and short-term rentals? 
  • Working
  • What does he find as the most frustrating element of his investment work? 
  • What was the key piece of knowledge that made him successful?  
  • Clint Harris has a book on short-term rentals.
  • Does he have any advice for anyone getting into this space as a parent?  

Books and Resources Mentioned: