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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 17, 17th February 2020
5 Goal Setting Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them.
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5 Goal Setting Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them.

5 Goal Setting Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them.

Have you ever set a goal but failed to achieve it, or given up at the first hurdle?

Well it might not be your fault!

Coming up in this episode I share 5 of the most common goal setting mistakes and how you can avoid them, so stay tuned….

Over years of working with thousands of people to help them achieve their goals, I’ve found that often the reason people often fall short, is due to people making the same mistakes when it comes to setting their goals.

In this episode I’m going share with you the 5 most common mistakes I see people make that prevent them, or slows them down from achieving their goals, and once you know what they are, you can avoid making the same mistakes too…

1 - Not connecting to the real reason you want to achieve the goal – what is your why, why do you want to achieve, how will it feel and what are the positive consequences for achieving it. Once you know, it will really turbocharge your mindset and momentum to make it happen.

2 - Ignoring your current programming, are your habits, beliefs, values aligned with the goals you have set, or are they in conflict with your current mindset and programme. To put yourself in the best opportunity to achieve you goals you may need to upgrade your mindset for where you are in your life now and the goals you want to achieve.

3 - Not keep them visible, it’s often said, “out of sight, out of mind” and this is true for goals, people often set their goals and then put them away.

Instead keep them where you can see them, and if you don’t want to display them publicly, put them where you can look at them and review them daily.

4 - Not reviewing progress along the way – how can you keep yourself on track and learn from experiences as they come up, if you don’t review your progress. Make sure you review your progress and allow yourself to learn and gain momentum along the journey to achieving your goals.

5 – Is Not committing to them – once you set your goals you must commit to it, and then commit to taking regular consistent action to make it happen. Without the commitment and action, it’s nothing more than a wishy washing desire or daydream.

So, there you have the 5 goal setting mistakes that I commonly see people make and how you can avoid them.

Action Step - Decide what you want, commit to take action and you can make it happen.

And remember - What your mind believes you will achieve – so think differently, believe in yourself, take action and achieve the life you want!

All the best

Christian Baker

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