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Meet This Impressive 17 Year Old Entrepreneur – Riley Pototschnik
8th May 2019 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Meet This Impressive 17 Year Old Entrepreneur – Riley Pototschnik

At the age of 13 everything changed for Riley Pototschnik.

During a flight from Texas to Vail Colorado, he decided to quit classic division soccer at the end of his contract and begin pursuing entrepreneurship full force. 

From that point forward, he read 44 books in 3 years, started an auto detailing business to make money, invested 8 to 10 hours per day learning to program, started racing shifter karts, joined a public speaking club and placed 2nd in a competition of 65, left high school after his freshman year to finish school online with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship, and founded a software company called ScheduleTalk in 2018.

It is so refreshing to speak with a highly motivate and driven young person.  Please support Riley Pototschnik by checking out his software and sharing this episode.



“10 out of 10 people die…  So how about doing something today that actually matters while you still can” – Joshua Latimer



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