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Being A Better Man - Alf Herigstad 12th February 2016
009 – What’s the deal with Alf’s beard?
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009 – What’s the deal with Alf’s beard?




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Today is the very first episode of Free For All Friday.  It may become a regular thing…it may not, it depends how it goes.  After all…I’m still figuring all this stuff out as I go.

Basically, two things are required;  1.)  Time to produce the episode and 2.) Something relevant to say.  When those two things exists simultaneously then we will have a Free For All Friday!

What kinds of things can you expect here?  Well, There could be a pressing current event, I could have a brilliant revelation that I want to share immediately, someone might ask me a question that I decide to answer publicly…the potential list goes on and on.  Basically…it’s for stuff that won’t fit into the regular Being A Better Man show, or Story Time on Wednesdays.

What’s the deal with Alf’s beard?

That is the topic of today’s show.  A lot of people wonder about my beard, they wonder what would possess me to make this particular fashion choice.  I don’t want all that wondering getting in the way of your paying attention to what I’m saying.  So this episode is intended to clear the air and  answer your questions, so we can move on.

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