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Why You Don’t Delegate Series: Not Up to My Standards
Episode 256th January 2022 • Unbottleneck Your Business • Tonya Thomas
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Delegating can be hard to do, and there are many facets to doing it right and trusting the process. Many people don’t do it because of the trust factor. They’re afraid that the person that they delegate the work to won’t be able to do it to their liking and satisfaction. However, this is a thought process that you must get past in order to reap the benefits that delegating can bring to you and your business. 

Tune in as I share with you how you can move past the fear of an assistant not meeting your standards so that you can realize true freedom through delegating.  

Today on the Unbottleneck Your Business Podcast:

  • Be open to the uniqueness of your team members
  • How to gain a new perspective from others
  • Learn who is the expert
  • How to hire people who are smarter than you
  • The key to making sure that things are done to your liking


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