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304 Moritz Kaminski - The Lightning Network, Podcaster Wallets & Value for Value
21st October 2022 • Podcast Junkies • Harry Duran
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Episode Summary

Moritz Kaminski is the co-founder of Alby, a Chrome extension that enables anyone to send Bitcoin over the Lightning Network directly from their browser. Today, Harry and Moritz discuss Podcasting2.0, the current state of cryptocurrency and what the next steps are for Alby after value for value. Moritz expounds on his passion for supporting tech ventures in business development, his research into the Bitcoin Lightning Network and what the future holds for podcasting technology.

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Key Takeaways

06:26 – Moritz Kaminski joins the show to discuss Bitcoin, the Podcasting 2.0 Movement, and staying on top of the world of Tech

12:26 – Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, explained

21:01 – The problem Moritz and his team were looking to solve when they started Alby

24:56 – How brand new podcasters can benefit from Alby and value-for-value payments

28:03 – Setting up your own Podcast Wallet

33:12 – What the future holds for Alby and podcast technologies

39:10 – The next step after value for value

44:03 – Harry thanks Moritz for joining the show and lets listeners know where they can go to connect with him and learn more about Alby

Tweetable Quotes

“Bitcoin is a digital currency and what is interesting is that it's independent. So there are no bills to print or coins to make. It’s decentralized and there is no government or institution like a bank or any other authority that controls it. So, it’s really all up to the users of the network and how this network evolves.” (11:00) (Moritz)

“If you compare gold to Bitcoin, then you have a lot of the same properties. Both have a limited supply. But the downside of gold is it’s very hard to transport. It’s very hard to validate if it’s real gold. When it comes to Bitcoin, it’s super simple to store. It’s super simple to transport and it’s very easy also to validate.” (13:54) (Moritz)

“So, we started off as a Bitcoin Lightning wallet because of the reason that you said that there is no native monetization of information on the web; it’s still separated. There is Paypal on the one side and then there is the exchange of information on the other side. But they don’t go together. It’s too expensive to make these payments through the web. And that’s why we started Alby where our mission is to make these payments accessible for everyone.” (22:17) (Moritz)

“We are taking big steps in terms of user experience here [at Alby] and making it easier and easier and easier for podcasters to get started.” (35:07) (Moritz)

“You have to put some effort in it, but it’s very rewarding when you see the first payments come through and when you see people paying you on a permanent basis.” (45:23) (Moritz)

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