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It's Draft Season! Put A Stamp On It...Jalen Green Is the #1 Prospect; What The Raptors Could Be Doing At #4; Why Caleb Hates Cade Cunningham; Scottie Barnes Could Be Scottie Pippen; Plus, We All Know the Orlando Magic Will Screw This Up
Episode 5922nd July 2021 • Charity Stripe Commentary • Sideline Coverage
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Shawn and Trey are joined by a long lost voice from the past, Caleb, to discuss the NBA Draft. Caleb has released a Top 30 Draft Board on For the first episode of our Draft Coverage, we wanted to talk about Caleb's Top 3 as his #1 is not Cade Cunningham and Evan Mobley is not one of the 3. We talk comparisons and potential best fits for the Top 3 as well as the next 2 behind them. Don't worry, Caleb and Trey still have love for Jonathan Kuminga. We also get some notes on 2 players outside of Caleb's Top 10 that could have bigger impacts than we expect.

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(This episode was recorded July 16th, 2021)