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What's an iBuyer and Should You Sell Your House to One? (Pros and Cons)
Episode 2828th October 2022 • How to Sell a House • The BLG
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Ever heard of iBuyers? These are real estate companies that use algorithms and technology to buy and resell homes quickly. Sounds like a lot less hassle, doesn’t it? 

One of the biggest reason people may choose to sell to an iBuyer is convenience. Yet, there are many things you must know before deciding to work with iBuyers.

Tune in to today’s episode as Loren, Chris, and Cassidy explain everything they know about iBuyers and how to decide if you should be selling your house to them.

Points to look out for:

  • What are the pros and cons of selling to an iBuyer?
  • Pros include convenience, no need for repairs, etc.
  • Cons include not being able to negotiate the price.
  • Get feedback from a professional agent
  • Selling to an iBuyer is not always going to land you the best price.
  • Sellers should research all available options before looking at the iBuyer route, and also have a conversation with a trusted realtor in their area.

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