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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 47, 8th June 2020
Should You Count Calories? Or Track Macros?
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Should You Count Calories? Or Track Macros?

“How many calories should I be eating?”

Today, we’re jumping into some real-life coaching! I’ve been having a few conversations with people on social media about counting calories and tracking macros. 

>> How many calories should I be eating? 

>> Or should I be tracking macros?

>> How many grams of protein should I eat per day? 

>> How many grams of carbs per day if I want to lose weight?  

Some of you may identify with these questions and some of you may not even know what a gram of protein looks like. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy today’s episode, because I’m approaching it as if I were sitting down with Casey (you’ll meet her in this episode) to do a consultation on what she's experiencing and possible solutions. 

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