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How to Be a Social Media Manager – Coffee Break
26th July 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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In this Coffee Break, we’re sharing about how to be a social media manager and how you can get started!

Several members in our iCreatDaily community expressed interest in freelance social media management.

If you enjoy chatting about your favorite areas of interest and expertise,

and engaging with people online in general, social media management might be a good fit for you.

How to Be a Social Media Manager

A social media manager is someone who helps maintain other brands, personalities, and businesses maintain a presence on social platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Smaller industry-related networking platforms if needed

Don’t worry though because if you don’t have to personally manage all those if you don’t want to. Some freelance marketers will manage everything for clients, and others just focus on 1-3 platforms they enjoy the most.

Some of the responsibilities of a social media manager include:

  • Posting brand/business-related content
  • Responding to questions and comments
  • Curating related industry posts (like articles, photos, or content relevant to the industry)
  • Sharing content from other pages
  • Monitoring engagement on any given social platform
  • Initiating conversations on pages or private groups (i.e., Facebook Groups)
  • Moderating and banning community behavior as issues amongst members crop up
  • Graphic design on Canva, image editing skills, or photoshop (this is an optional skill but gives you a huge advantage since many people are looking for one person to fill many roles)

“Think of yourself as the host of the community, you want to foster good conversation and engagement while keeping the riff-raff out!”


We recommend you start offering services on the one platform you use the most and you can always expand from there. We’ll cover more about how to be social management and tips for online community management in the Coffee Break!

Community Management Job Opportunities

Here are some currently open job opportunities we’ve found on UpWork.

You’ll be able to view the range of jobs, prices people are willing to pay, and skills required. Generally, the role of an Online Community Manager is less complex than a full-on Social Media Manager so it’s a great starting point.

We’ve linked an article in the resources section below that explains the difference between community vs social management.

These are just a range of jobs to show you what is possible and what businesses are actively looking for. If a specific job or job-role stands out of interest for you, that could be a good place for you to begin to learn more.

Strategy + Content Management Opportunity: 

  • Strategy, management & posting on FB & LinkedIn (4-8 posts/mth/platform)
  • Creation, management & growth of online community via FB & LinkedIn groups
  • Social listening to community

View full job listing with price + time details here.

Social Media Content + Community Management: 

The not-for-profit publisher of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), the Foundation for Inner Peace, is looking for a result-oriented, independent contractor to help create and execute its Social Media strategy. Candidates must be proficient:

  • In major social media channels (primarily Facebook & Instagram)
  • Tools such as Hootsuite
  • LinkedIn knowledge a plus.

View full list of requirements and job details here.

Social Media Content Planning:

You will start off by planning roughly 15 posts for the month on a media planner that will post on Instagram and Facebook. We will work together on finding the post times and hashtags that work well. I will provide content from a photoshoot we do once a month. The account is for a restaurant.

View full details for the job here.

What to Search on Upwork

If these listings are not available at the time you click on them than here are some terms you might consider searching on UpWork for scanning other opportunities:

  • Online community manager
  • Facebook Page manager
  • Facebook Groups manager
  • Instagram manager
  • {Your favorite social platform} manager
  • Social media management

UpWork is one of the most comment freelance platforms, which is why we’ve mostly referenced them here. However, there are many others and it’s a good idea to set up profiles on more than one if you have the time.

We’ve added links to other platforms in RESOURCE section below.

Coffee Break Conversation Points

  • How to be a social media manager
  • Social media manager job description
  • Getting started with social media management
  • Platforms to help gain clients
  • Which social site to start with
  • Tips for gaining clients
  • Difference between Facebook: Group, Page, Profile
  • Community Manager job description
  •  Managing other social platforms (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Social media manager rates
  • 3 action steps you can take now!


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