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Nerds of Business - Webbuzz Media EPISODE 3, 30th June 2020
#3. How to launch a brand (or startup / product) with no money, get attention, & look like a complete superstar!
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#3. How to launch a brand (or startup / product) with no money, get attention, & look like a complete superstar!

Season 1: 'The Branding Series' / Episode # 3

‘How To Launch A Brand (or startup/product) With No Money, Get Heaps Of Attention, & Look Like A Complete Superstar'.

Want to get some attention for your business? Nothing beats a brand or product launch for concentrated marketing power. Brand experts reveal what it takes, why it's important, and top entrepreneurs share true stories that will help you ‘crack the code’ to growth in your own venture.

Feature Story: The founder of iconic food brand Pic’s Peanut Butter, Pic Picot, shares the story of why - and how - he launched ‘Peanut Butter World’ to take his brand to the next level.

“And so we had 5,000 people [to the launch], I imagine the entire population of Nelson came by looking to get in here. It was phenomenal. It was just so warming. You know, we had the kids, we had the school, they’d even written a song and sang a song with a brass band.” – Pic Picot, CEO of Pics Peanut Butter .

Guest Bios:

Pic Picot (https://twitter.com/pics_uk) is the founder international food brand, Pic’s Peanut Butter (https://www.picspeanutbutter.com/)

Andre Eikmeier – cofounder of $100 million online wine retailer, (https://Vinomofo.com.au) Also founder of The Good Empire and Year of the Planet.

Rachel Bevans (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelbevans/) is branding expert & director of The Healthy Brand Company (https://www.thehealthybrandcompany.com/)

Jon Michail (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonmichail-imageconsultant-personalbrandingcoach/)– brand expert and and image consultant, director at the Image Group (https://www.imagegroup.com.au/)      

What to listen out for:

0.45: Hunter S. Thompson quote on the nature of the music industry.

1.20: The story of how AC/DC launched their album Highway to Hell in 1976.

5.59: Brand expert reveals when is the right time to launch a brand.

8.14: Brand expert on the role of key influencers.

11.25: Why brand launches are so important.

12.40: Invite your bank manager to the brand launch, it might help you get a loan more easily in future.

16.42: It’s your networks that bring you back from failure.

18.07: The three phases of brand launches – 'pre', 'during' & 'post'.

19.12: The importance of follow up.

19.55: How to work with media to get free publicity for your business.

21.41: The role ‘community’ plays in a successful launch.

24.05: The story of Peanut Butter World, and how that was launched successfully.

29.30: ‘Brands’ are a nonsense, it’s the people behind companies that make it real.

33.10: NERD UNDER PRESSURE – recurring segment featuring Jon Michail

Resources & links:

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The city of Nelson, New Zealand, population 40,000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nelson,_New_Zealand

On average It takes two to three years for a new business to become profitable https://www.freshbooks.com/hub/startup/how-long-does-it-take-business-to-be-profitable

Liverpool team song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWfmR_XgZxw

What is a goodie bag? https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/goody-bag

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