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Unique Leaders Podcast - Megan DiMartino EPISODE 37, 20th April 2021
Unique Leaders: Carey Conley
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Unique Leaders: Carey Conley

Carey had been a very extroverted child but she became more introspective as she got older. She grew up in Colorado and followed her husband to Oklahoma. After they got marriedthey moved back to Colorado where they raised their family. Carey was not interested in following the 9-5 job structure. One day, while in a time of quiet she sat down and wrote what she wanted to see in her life. How she wanted to be as a mother, a wifeand an entrepreneur. She still has those lists to this day and she shows during her talks. She lost her husband in 2014 to suicide and a few years later she lost her son in the same way. She feels very blessed that God had her make the list she did all those years ago, because if she didn’t have a strong “why” that anchored her, she would gone a much different way after their deaths. In 2018, Carey co-authored a book with her daughter, Laurel. They both speak about overcoming adversity and they work together to get this out to others. Now she works with young adults to fine their passions and move forward in their lives and their careers. Many of the people she works with suffer from depression. Her programs have made a major impact in these young people’s lives.

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