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Pure Dog Talk - Laura Reeves 22nd November 2016
4 – How to Master the Dog Show Ring

4 – How to Master the Dog Show Ring

Steps to Mastering the Dog Show Ring:

In this episode Laura Reeves takes you on a Virtual Tour - How to move from beginner to master level.

Mastery is a mental game that Master handlers make look simple.

Simple Tips:

Get to the dog show early.

Checklist of what to do before your ring time.

Understanding ring times.

Preparing your dog and yourself for the show ring.

Ringside before you enter - mental preparedness.

Ring Awareness and Spacing


Bait and Toys

Stand with shoulders back and be proud of your exhibit.

Project the Winning Image!


The Art of Handling Show Dogs

Mr. Frank T. Sabella

Frank T. Sabella in the 1960's was a sought after professional handler that started in Poodles.  He won Best in Show at Westminster in 1973 with Standard Poodle CH. Acadia Command Performance and returned as the Best in Show Judge at Westminster in 1990.

Mr. Sabella awards include Kennel Review's Male Handler of the Year and Gaines FIDO Man of the Year.

The Art of Handling Show Dogs translates Frank Sabella's talent as a professional dancer and dog handler into easily understood body movement and awareness to the novice and experienced dog handler.