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Do you know the secrets of The Abandoned House? | Ep 19
21st July 2021 • Victory in Mind • Waceke Wambaa
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Episode Summary

There are time stamps of our lives that surround us daily. What stories do they and will they tell of us?

Will they say that we made the most of every moment or otherwise?

May your story go beyond the Abandoned House and be one of a life lived to its fullest potential. Be encouraged.


[00:00:00] Intro music and voice over narration for the show

[00:00:43] Introduction to the show

[00:01:05] Today's goal is to encourage both you and I, surrounding an experience with a surprising find and meditation moment. 

[00:02:00] What happened here? What must life have been like?

[00:03:00] Ever consider the experiences that make up the totality of your life? 

[00:04:35] Today's podcast is a simple reminder of the intersection of our lives and the relentless march of time… let’s take the time to make memories. 

[00:06:22] The Abandoned House 

[00:10:18] Outro music and voice over narration for the show


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[00:00:43] Hi everyone and welcome to this week's episode of Victory in Mind, your guide to living each day with purpose. I'm your host Waceke Wambaa. So if you've been tracking with me on past episodes, you know, I'm all about motivating, activating, challenging, [00:01:00] engaging, educating and inspiring us all to live out our created potential. [00:01:05] Today's episode seeks to encourage both you and I, as I share a meditation moment that inspired me and hopefully will do the same for you.


Something about this house so gripped me that I actually doubled back. I parked my car. And I just gazed at this house for time, [00:02:00] actually, for quite a while. I couldn't help myself as thoughts came flooding into my mind, thoughts about this abandoned house, the people who might've lived there, of the memories they made, what it must have been like.


I was struck then, as I'm struck now, not just by inanimate [00:03:00] objects and the stories of a time that they carry, like this house, but how you and I, as flesh and blood, as individuals, families and communities, have experiences that make up the totality of our lives. For example, how many times have you gone for, or have you hosted a party for your kids dinner for your friends, family pizza and movie night, football parties, playing in the backyard and so on. Brothers and sisters playing hide and seek, "tag you're it!" inside and outside a home.


[00:04:07] Going back to this abandoned house, I think one of the things about this house that at once made my heart glad and sad at the same time, was that there was no one there to tell me, to share with me the memories that were made in and around that home, that house just felt abandoned.


[00:05:07] If we don't take the time to use the time at hand to form precious memories, to live life to the fullest capacity of our created potential, then, this is when regret creeps in and it's often too late by the time we realize it. Regret in how we might have missed or not used our time to the fullest when we had the chance and opportunity to do something with it. Guys, I'm seriously talking to myself here as well.


[00:06:22] The Abandoned House.

If this house could tell its story, what a story would tell of days gone by - the happier times, one laundry was left to dry on lines of pitter-patter of little feet dragging in mud after running in fields

Or further back yet when but a shack yet dreams and goals held nothing back.

ed through sweat toil, grit, [:

Until that day when the final brick was lead. As if in parade the house gleamed away from the shade.

It stood in pride, sheltering, squeals of laughter of birthday parties, get togethers, fun. Children adults frolicking in the sun.

Yes, it stood watched peered through windows, steps, creaking doors slamming, enjoying life. The vibrancy of sound The aroma of food, clinging to billowing draperies its foundations joined in the dance of life's parade.

't stay young forever. Other [:

How memories, escape, runaway betray, cacophony of noise give way to endless pregnant silence. Awaiting the sounds of life. Joy has since faded.

The young couple now gray, not many a dream left, nothing for these walls to say

Children grown, gone weeds overcoming the grass. Though this house was built forever, forever fades out fast.

Soon the couple is just one [:

Only the wind visits the house anymore. Whistling eerily through boarded up windows, doors. Snakes, spiders have since come gone. Birds flown by singing their goodbye song. Surely steadily the creepers creep up stairs walls into cracked windows they peep. But nothing is to be seen nothing declared. Sounds of silence echo up down [00:10:00] barren rooms, forgotten halls. The Abandoned House. Barely stands.